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The South Carolina Botanical Garden is a place where nature and culture meet.  Explore display gardens, hike nature trails, visit the Geology Museum, peruse the Art Gallery or just relax and enjoy the 295 acres of natural beauty.

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jago bola

jago bola left a positive review 6/21/2019

Ya bek inti nya mah ricardo perreira yg udh ke leicester
Itupun smpt kena bully salah jg kan pas porto kena bante bango si ricardo ni
Dalot br sering maen bln feb musim Ini
Itupun krn dia bisa maen kanan kiri sih
Kalo musim ini ga kebeli emyu sih emg bakal jd starter dia
Soalnya emg hot prospect dan si ricardo udh ke leicester

Yah untung2an lg dah gw jg biasa aja kalo cabe yg dtg mah

Sara Marcengill

Sara Marcengill left a positive review 8/9/2018

This workshop is so helpful, informative and fun! I recommend this to any educator that is interested in getting kids interested in gardening!

Robert Askins

Robert Askins left a positive review 2/4/2017

Excellent overview/refresher - lots of material covered

Alice Guzick

Alice Guzick left a positive review 6/24/2017

Tim Lee is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic professor. I loved the class. Look forward to continuing to learn.

Bob Askins

Bob Askins left a positive review 2/4/2017

Great introductory, or refresher, botany class. Instructors were extremely knowledgable and enthusiastic