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Joyce Ogg

Joyce Ogg left a positive review 5/10/2013

Commencement was great! I really liked the video of graduates on the large screens prior to the ceremony. The graduating group was small enough to keep within a reasonable time frame and not be rushed. Remarks and performances were nice. It was wonderful to see my son receive his Clemson diploma!

Joanna Mccray

Joanna Mccray left a positive review 8/21/2017

Excellent speech by NPR writer and researcher Jay Allison encouraged us to look deep deep within ourselves to recognize "This I Believe." Our President and speakers and newly distinguished chairs welcomed new and transfer students to the premier orange and purple. I personally enjoyed receiving an entering year pin and medallion. This new beginning is a challenge, but it is most definitely worth it. Go Tigers!

Laura Kinard

Laura Kinard left a positive review 3/9/2015

Ceremony was very meaningful---so nice that Col Skardon was able to attend. Dr. Reel's history on the ring was great.
The sound was not good for the students sitting up close---that needs to be improved. The band was great---loved the tunes and energy.

Gabriel Laneve

Gabriel Laneve left a positive review 1/27/2015

I had a great time and learned a lot about what employers are looking for.

Ashley Hall

Ashley Hall left a positive review 11/10/2014

I loved the ceremony and the ring ball. The ceremony gave a better understanding for the significance of the ring and added to the uniqueness of the tradition.

Myron Green

Myron Green left a positive review 11/10/2014

It felt it was much longer than it needed to be, but it was a good even overall.

Matthew McKinney

Matthew McKinney left a positive review 8/18/2014

Was fun!

Larry Donaldson

Larry Donaldson left a positive review 4/2/2014

It was not what I expected, it was actually interesting and very proficient. Thank You for the effort put forth.

Ida Benson

Ida Benson left a positive review 3/8/2014

The game was exciting all the way to the end. A very disappointing loss, unfortunately, but the atmosphere was on fire!

Littlejohn Coliseum

Littlejohn Coliseum posted a photo 3/30/2012