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3/12 4pm
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3/26 4pm
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4/9 4pm
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4/16 4pm
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4/23 4pm

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Daozhou Zhu

Daozhou Zhu left a positive review 3/9/2018

It was wonderful.
I learned a lot from the speech.
The space station is so huge and so accurate. There are many things to do in the station. And many nations cooperated to make it run well. I felt pity that there weren't China, since I come from China.
Yesterday, I forgot to ask a question:
Will the orbit of earth change after losing enough mass by sending out thousand of space stations, spacecrafts, satellites and etc?
Thank you.

Samuel Liu

Samuel Liu left a positive review 3/13/2013

it was very interesting.

Kinard Laboratory of Physics

Kinard Laboratory of Physics posted a photo 3/30/2012