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Carson Kathi

Carson Kathi left a review 5/29/2012

This is so funny. This program was several years ago yet it was still on the list of classes.

Donna Wetherell

Donna Wetherell left a positive review 6/8/2018

Spectacular workshop! The enthusiasm the instructors had made it even more fun and the information given encouraged more study on my part. The only drawback is that this workshop can’t be offered every single week!

Cecelia Naomi

Cecelia Naomi left a positive review 9/19/2015

abundant information, monument learning

Donna Leamey

Donna Leamey left a positive review 12/11/2016

We absolutely loved this program. Can't wait to sign up again next year!

Donna Leamey

Donna Leamey left a positive review 11/5/2016


Michael Corn

Michael Corn left a positive review 8/1/2016

Wonderful experience for my 6 year old. We look forward to more camps next year with Allison and Kendra.

Trish Curtsinger Colmenares

Trish Curtsinger Colmenares left a positive review 7/5/2016

Fun program but too much nonproductive time

Joy Duncan

Joy Duncan left a positive review 6/20/2016

What an amazing week my son has had at this camp. He has learned about South Carolina while having so much fun. He don't get out of bed every morning eager to go. He brought home the most awesome crafts including a tie-dyed shirt and homemade butter. We will definitely sign up for this camp again next summer. Thank you to the fantastic instructors.

Alexandra Cole

Alexandra Cole left a positive review 5/13/2016

This was such an interesting way of using plants. Allison and her assistant were very knowledgeable and helpful. I totally enjoyed the class. Alexandra