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WalkSC is a 12-week walking program based around personal step counting. WalkSC is self-paced and self-monitored: we are here to guide you with weekly step challenge goals and support you with healthy tips and information. Get your exercise in when its most convenient for you! WalkSC includes weekly interactions with a Clemson Extension Rural Health and Nutrition Agent via email. Every Monday you will recieve a weekly walking challenge corresponding to a section of the South Carolina Palmetto Trail. You will also have access to other health education and physical activity tips to help you meet your wellness goals. 


Meet your step challenge goals each week and you will have virtually walked the 500-mile Palmetto Trail spanning from upstate South Carolina to the coast in 12 weeks! All the while, learning about the state and increasing your physical activity. 


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Do I need to submit my steps to you? 

No, you will self-monitor and track your own steps for this program. We recommend counting and tracking your steps with pen and paper, a smartphone app or a wearable device such as a pedometer, smart watch, or FitBit. Once enrolled, your program facilitator can assist you in tracking steps if you don't have access to any of these options.  


What counts towards my weekly step challenge goals? 

Any steps you take throughout the day can count towards the step challenge goals in WalkSC. For example, count the steps from a walk around the neighborhood, working, or doing an indoor walking fitness video. You do not have to visit the physical trails referenced in WalkSC, but if you live close-by, get out and explore! 


Dial-In Information

An email newsletter is sent every Monday for 12 weeks beginning the date you register for. The emails contain your weekly step challenge goals corresponding to a section of the Palmetto Trail. 


Monday, October 2, 2023 at 6:00am

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