Clemson University

Study Abroad 101

Attending a Study Abroad 101 is the first step in the study abroad process.  The Study Abroad 101 will cover how to make studying abroad a reality for you!

Monday, August 26 at 3:30pm to 4:30pm

More dates through April 23, 2020

Martin Hall, E-304

Recent Activity

Ryan Wilson

Ryan Wilson 5/20/2019

One of my favorite things from college was my time studying abroad. I learned so much that I apply to my company now. Hope you have a good turn out!

Ryan |

Mao Inc

Mao Inc 5/1/2019

This is the best study room. I recommending it to everyone

Joshua Price

Joshua Price 4/17/2019

The Study Abroad Office offers information sessions for Semester and Summer Study Abroad Programs. You are required to attend Study Abroad 101 as part of your application. All Study Abroad 101 sessions are 1 hour long and students must be present for the entire presentation.

Maxine Parker

Maxine Parker 4/16/2019

The first step for every study abroad applicant is to attend an Ed Abroad 101 session. Ed Abroad 101 is a drop-in session designed to introduce you to the basics of international education opportunities at PSU. Alternatively, you can complete the virtual session by watching the videos. Also, students are looking for the services where they can order a dissertation like on