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SC 4-H Horse Program Advisory Council Nominations Deadline

The 4-H Horse Program is the one of the largest youth programs offered by Clemson Universityand South Carolina 4-H. It is a part of the Cooperative Extension Service (CES), the largest outreach program of Clemson University.The land-grant institution, Clemson University, has a public service and agriculture mission that extends the research and resources of the university to the people of South Carolina. CES functions through a unique partnership with federal, state, and local governments supporting a statewide CES organization consisting of field agents, administrative staff, private and public partner organizations and community members to transform university-sponsored research and knowledge into practical programs that improve the welfare of the citizensof South Carolina. The South Carolina 4-H Horse program is just one example of these typesof programs.Input from the general public to Cooperative Extension on research needs and public service priorities are essential to achieving the Extension mission. Therefore, the SC 4-H HPAC has been organized as a mechanism to receive that input.The South Carolina 4-H Horse Program Advisory Council (SC 4-H HPAC) is a statewide organization made up of South Carolina 4-H professionals and volunteers having responsibility for statewide support of the SC 4-H Horse Program in the following three (3) areas:

•To ADVISE on program development and delivery issues related to the South Carolina 4-H Horse Program. Assisting in identifying needs, wants and desires of South Carolinians on which to base educational programs. Counseling and advising in the development of Extension programs, priorities, and policies.

•To ADVOCATE and PROMOTE the mission and vision of the South Carolina 4-H Horse Program, Cooperative Extension, and its educational programs to key stakeholder groups.

•To EVALUATE the impact of educational efforts and provide adviceto guide changes in program emphasis.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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