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North Alabama Clemson Club - Viewing Party

Will the Tigers will be wearing their Orange britches? Of course!
MORE FUN is headed our way. I promise we will have “special” Clemson music piped in just for our Tigers. To make the game more of a home feel we have Tiger Rag and our Alma Mater (plus other music) to make it just plain exciting and fun.
I also promise to have more door prozes! Once again Bill Loden and his company, Insight Home Inspection (LLC 256.464.7060) are providing special Door Prizes straight from Downtown Clemson. Join us in the back room “NACC Club House” for the Watch Party this weekend.
Where: Below the Radar (downtown Huntsville)
When: Saturday, 7:00 PM Central Time 1 DEC 2018
Please join us and help keep those average numbers up!
The Host this weekend is: Peter Grant
Kids are always welcome and of course please bring your friends or neighbors!
The Door Prizes should make it even more exciting! The music should have you rocking.

Saturday, December 1, 2018 at 7:00pm to 10:00pm

220 Holmes Ave. , Huntsville, AL


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