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Natural History/Critical Condition Exhibit

Natural History/Critical condition is a visual compendium of cautionary reflection. The twenty three artists included in the portfolio, present a reflection on the natural environment that unveils a growing list of environmental concerns facing humanity. The exhibition points to disruptions in our environment such as ocean acidification, global warming, decline of critical food chain species, melting glaciers, animal extinctions, plastic detritus, and deforestation. Natural History/Critical Condition questions our capacity and willingness to see the changes taking place around us and muses on our ability to reconcile the destruction humanity is causing around the globe. It encourages the viewer to take action before conditions progress beyond our ability to make meaningful change.  

Participating artists include: Lynne Allen, Dale Clifford, Ashley Colangelo, Carmon Colangelo, Sydney A. Cross, Georgia Deal, Margaret Denk-Leigh, Bill Fisher, Diane Fox, Adele Henderson, Patricia Thomas-Hunsinger, Anita Jung, Cima Katz, Kumi Korf, Robert Lazuka, Pamula Longobardi, Angela Oates, Dennis O'Neil, Cynthia Osborne, Andy Rubin, Joe Sanders, Aaron Wilson and Anderson Wrangle. The portfolio exchange was organized by Sydney A. Cross with support from the Clemson Advancement Foundation.

Monday, September 24, 2018 at 9:00am to 4:30pm

Lee Gallery, 1-101 Lee Hall
213 Fernow St Clemson, South Carolina 29634

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