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Colloquium: Dr. Stefan Spirk, Graz University of Technology


Department of Physics and Astronomy

Clemson University, Kinard Lab of Physics, G01, Lecture Hall

Tuesday, April 9, 4:00 pm



Dr. Stefan Spirk

Graz University of Technology,




Cellulose Thin Film Technology

Abstract: Cellulose is an intriguing material. In nature, it serves as the load bearing element in lignocellulosic plants and is the most abundant biopolymer on earth. In our daily lifes, we all use cellulose based products in a different context such as housing, clothing, cosmetics, food, drugs, wound dressings, or simply papers to mention a few. Lately, the use of cellulose in advanced technologies has gained significant attention, extending the range of potential applications of cellulose. In this talk, we present our latest achievements in the field of cellulose thin film technology with a strong focus on how to establish patterns ranging from the nanometer to the micrometer scale. Developed technologies involve the use of lithography (e.g. photolithography, e-beam lithography), microphase separation as well as the formation of nanostructures inside the films by situ growth of functional nanoparticles. For all the presented materials, concrete applications, as well as their potential for translation into real products are discussed. Applications include optoelectronics, solar cells, photosensitive layers and antifouling surfaces. The interaction potential of the films in terms of surface free energy and non-specific protein adsorption is discussed.


Bio: Dr. Stefan Spirk is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Paper, Pulp and Fiber Technology at Graz University of Technology. He studied Chemistry at University of Graz and obtained his master’s degree in 2006 and his PhD in 2009. Afterwards, he did postdoctoral stays in Bielefeld, Germany (gas electron diffraction) and Maribor, Slovenia, where he started to work on functional polysaccharide materials. In 2013, he was offered an Assistant Professor position at Graz University of Technology and 2018 he was promoted to the Associate level. Stefan Spirk was awarded several Marie Curie Fellowships (2009, 2011, 2013) by the European Commission and by the Austrian Science funds. He has been involved in several large projects on national and European level.  Dr. Spirk’s research interests deal with biobased materials with a focus on cellulose and how these can be implemented in advanced technologies such as optoelectronics, energy and medical applications.




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Tuesday, April 9 at 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Kinard Laboratory of Physics, G01 Kinard Lab
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