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BioSci Seminar - David Volz, University of California, Riverside

Human Exposure and Health Effects of Organophosphate-Based Flame Retardants

David Volz,

Professor of Environmental Toxicology

Environmental Sciences, University of California, Riverside


Hosted by Subham Dasgupta.


Abstract: The long-term, overarching vision of Dr. Volz’ research program is to identify the potential human health risks of chemical exposure and, as a result, promote population-wide intervention and/or prevention strategies for mitigating human exposure to certain high-risk chemicals within California and across the country.   Consistent with this long-term vision, the primary goals of his research program are to 1) uncover the mechanisms of developmental toxicity for two high-production volume organophosphate-based flame retardants (OPFRs) frequently detected at elevated concentrations within pregnant mothers, mother-toddler pairs, and human placental samples and 2) reveal the potential health risks of in-vehicle OPFR exposure to Inland Southern California commuters that, relative to the general population, spend an excess amount of time within their personal vehicles.  Within this seminar, Dr. Volz’ will discuss key findings and discoveries that were generated from his research group over the last 13 years, including how their findings may provide the basis for regulatory agencies and industry to begin pivoting toward alternative, lower-risk OPFRs that can be used to comply with furniture- and vehicle-specific flammability standards at the California- and federal-level, respectively.



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Monday, April 15 at 11:15am to 12:05pm

Jordan Hall, G33

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