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"Abject Bodies" by Artist, Annamarie Williams

The Emery A. Gunnin Architecture Library is pleased to present “Abject Bodies”a solo exhibition of new works featuring Clemson Master of Fine Arts Candidate, Annamarie Williams. Williams is a Master of Fine Arts graduate candidate at Clemson University with an emphasis in drawing. As a  visual artist,  she applies drawing and mixed media to explore empathic and spacial relationships with the feminine body and the ever-changing environment . Williams mines the parallels between the concepts of landscape and the nude form. Her work focuses on the inquiry of how and why we alter the body and the land. Using an ecofeminist lens, this investigation is carried through various mediums including graphite, oil paint and unconventional materials such as tea and transmission fluid. The forms depicted are placed in atmospheric and liminal spaces, yet they feel detached from these spaces. Expressed as a time between what was and what will be, Williams explores the uncertain and the unknown. It is through these visual cues that the artist hopes to evoke a sense of detachment from body and space.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 8:00am to 6:00pm

Emery A. Gunnin Architecture Library, 2-112 Lee Hall 2112 Lee Hall

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