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Tuesday, April 2

SC 4-H Eng Challenge icon

The South Carolina 4-H Engineering Challenge began in 2012 and has grown to approximately 250 youth competitors annually! Youth that participate in this...

2024 South Carolina 4-H Livestock Evaluation Contest

Thank you for your interest in the South Carolina 4-H Livestock Evaluation Contest. This event is open to South Carolina 4-H youth (9-18 years old as of...

2024 South Carolina 4-H Small Garden Project

Join us for the 2024 South Carolina 4-H Small Garden Project, where youth will explore the joys of gardening in South Carolina. This project is a...

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2024 South Carolina WHEP State Contest

Welcome to South Carolina WHEP! The Wildlife Habitat Education Program (WHEP) is a hands-on environmental education program that provides participants an...

Weeds being sprayed in pond

Learn how to identify and manage aquatic weeds, Topics covered include: Identification Prevention with cultural controls Mechanical removal Biological...

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Commercial Applicator Spraying Turf

Looking to take the Commercial or Non Commercial Pesticide Applicator Exam? We now offer an on demand training course to help you prepare for the exam...

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Forest Fest 2024

The Clemson Experimental Forest (CEF) is an extraordinary space for research, education, and recreation. South Carolina 4-H Youth Development (SC 4-H)...

S.C. 4-H Rabbit Project Registration

The 2024 S.C. 4-H Rabbit Project is an independent project open to 4-H members ages 5-18. It is the responsibility of the youth and his/her family to secure...

T. Ed Garrison Arena

Construction Disruption - roof replacement, as well as the installation of gutters and side panels.

Fike Recreation

Install pathways for data cables

Legacy: Celebrating the Impact of Harvey Gantt Art Exhibition Graphic

Date & Time: On display – May 6 Location: Sikes Hall Showcase, Ground FloorThis exhibition, based on research conducted through an independent study,...

Ink Travels

“Ink Travels” refers to the constant challenge of keeping an active print shop clean. In the context of this exhibition, the term also refers to the...

South Carolina Certified Landscape Professional (SCCLP) Online Course

The South Carolina Certified Landscape Professional (SCCLP) is an online, self-paced certification program that provides high-level horticultural education...

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Practical Strength

Practical Strength is a weekly, online strength training class designed to help you build muscle and give you the stability to live life your way. All levels...

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Hunter and Sirrine Loading Dock

Will be out of service/blocked while a crane unloads an electrical transformer.

Garden Sprouts Spring 2024

Preschool children and their caregivers discover the wonders of the Botanical Garden with the guidance of Garden naturalist and educator Sue Watts. Garden...

Dealing With Drainage: Managing Stormwater and Erosion in the Landscape

Got drainage issues? Come get some ideas on how to properly deal with stormwater and drainage problems in your yard! About this event Got drainage...

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Nuisance wildlife can be a real problem in the home landscape.

Got critters? Tired of trying things that don’t work? Join us to get some scientific, fact-based information on how to control unwanted nuisance wildlife in...

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electric lines

Are you planning on taking the Right of Way (Category 6) Pesticide License Applicator Exam? Need Category 6 Credits? Let us help! We have a great course to...

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graphic advertising try-county tomato project

This project is open to youth ages 5-18 in Chester, Lancaster, and York counties. 4-H Membership is not required. The 4-H Tomato Project will begin in May,...

Understanding Soil Reports and Fertilizer Calculations for Home Gardening

This free webinar will help you sift through your soil report to help you better manage nutrients in your home garden and landscape.

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Ice Cream Social

As we approach the final month of the semester, with warmer days and heavier workloads, CAFLS GSA invites you to join us April 2, Tuesday from 2:00-3:00 PM...

Libraries Listening Lab concert: String Quartet

The Libraries Listening Lab concert series presents a performance by a string quartet of Clemson students.

Libraries Listening Lab concert: String quartet

The Libraries Listening Lab concert series presents a performance by a string quartet of Clemson students.

Winter Forage Field Day

Meeting Topics: • Cool-Season Annual Variety Trial • Rotational Grazing Demonstration • Soil Health in Pastures and Hay Fields • Cost-Share Programs Update ...

SCIENCE Career Discovery Event

Explore career opportunities at the upcoming SCIENCE Career Discovery, going on April 2 from 5-7 p.m. in the LSF atrium. Science alumni from multiple fields...

CAMM Continuing Education Training

Topic: Benefits of Using Animal Manure-Based Compost As an Ingredient for Container Media. A continuing education training for maintaining certification in...

Clemson Religious Studies Watch & Discuss Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender is an epic journey portraying a broken world in need of healing. The introduction to the series hangs hope on the single figure of...

Tuesday, April 2