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Monday, July 31

Weeds being sprayed in pond

Learn how to identify and manage aquatic weeds, Topics covered include: Identification Prevention with cultural controls Mechanical removal Biological...

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Brackett Hall Auditorium

Construction disruption - painting and flooring work.

Commercial Applicator Spraying Turf

Looking to take the Commercial or Non Commercial Pesticide Applicator Exam? We now offer an on demand training course to help you prepare for the exam...

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Cooper Library Roof Renovation

A fenced staging area will be set up on the southeast corner of Cooper to store materials, trucks, and a stair tower for contractor access to the roof. The...

Hendrix Student Center

Construction Disruption - renovate former Tiger 1 Card Services area for new Campus Computer store.

Kappa Street Loop Closed for Construction

The right hand side and loop of Kappa Street will be closed for milling, repaving and changing parallel parking spaces to new angled parking. Lighting,...

Lightsey Bridge I

Exterior Ramp and Stair Replacement

Lightsey Bridge II

Ramp replacements, buildings 13 - 20

Lowry Hall

Renovation - rooms 201, 215, 217 and 219

Newman Hall

Construction disruption affecting rooms 114A and 109G.

A photo of children walking away from the camera with green, blue, pink and orange color blocks.

The No Place to Play exhibition focuses on specific findings about gender taken from a large research study with the same name. The larger study was...

On-Demand - Know Diabetes By Heart

This CU Online course can be completed at your own pace at any time Know Diabetes By Heart (KDBH), sponsored by the American Diabetes Association and...

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Renovation Continuation - 2nd floor restrooms 221 and 261

SC Adopt-a-Stream Online Recertification Course Open

Renew your SC Adopt-a-Stream (SC AAS) Volunteer Monitoring certification online! The SC AAS online recertification course will be open from July 10th-31st....

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Cooper Library

HVAC control upgrades in rooms 406A, 412, 416 and the 500A area.

Garden Creativity Camp 

In this camp, creativity reigns for children 6- 11 years old! The garden is our palette and provides our media - we will weave, craft, paint and explore many...

Alumni Works Art Exhibition

Dean’s Gallery in Strode Tower On Display – August 15 M-F, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Utilizing recently purchased, donated or works on loan to the Lee...

South Carolina Certified Landscape Professional (SCCLP) Online Course

The South Carolina Certified Landscape Professional (SCCLP) is an online, self-paced certification program that provides high-level horticultural education...

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dates and description of the Junior Naturalist 4-H Summer Club

A summer 4-H nature experience! Youth will become entomologists, geologists, conservationists, wildlife biologists, ornithologists, herpetologists,...

South Africa: The World in One Country with Dr. James Burns

Interested in traveling to South Africa? This presentation introduces the history and cultures of this fascinating part of the world. Dr. James Burns,...

Dealing With Drainage: Managing Stormwater and Erosion in the Landscape

Got drainage issues? Come get some ideas on how to properly deal with stormwater and drainage problems in your yard! About this event Got drainage...

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Nuisance wildlife can be a real problem in the home landscape.

Got critters? Tired of trying things that don’t work? Join us to get some scientific, fact-based information on how to control unwanted nuisance wildlife in...

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electric lines

Are you planning on taking the Right of Way (Category 6) Pesticide License Applicator Exam? Need Category 6 Credits? Let us help! We have a great course to...

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Understanding Soil Reports and Fertilizer Calculations for Home Gardening

This free webinar will help you sift through your soil report to help you better manage nutrients in your home garden and landscape.

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Lighting Upgrades

Earle Hall

Lighting Upgrades

Annies Project logo with picture of sunset over mountains

Annie’s Project is a nationwideprogram that aims to empower women in agriculture through risk management education. We welcome anyone supporting the Annie’s...

Monday, July 31