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Monday, August 22

Dealing with Drainage (On-Demand Course)

Got drainage issues? Come get some ideas on how to properly deal with stormwater and drainage problems in your yard! Topics include: stormwater...

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Fluor Daniel

Elevator outage

Right Of Way Pest Control

(Category 6) Exam Prep and Recertification Course On-Demand Webinar Are you planning on taking the Right of Way (Category 6) Pesticide License...

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Natural History/Critical Condition Art Exhibition

"Natural History/Critical Condition" is a visual compendium of cautionary reflection. The artists included in the portfolio, present a reflection on the...

CU Agricultural Service Laboratory with Dr. Shannon Alford

The Clemson Agricultural Service Laboratory has a long history of serving the agricultural and horticultural communities in SC. This presentation will cover...

General Faculty Meeting

The Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost has called a meeting of the faculty in accordance with Article 1§4 of the Constitution of the...

Aquatic Weed Identification and Management

Learn how to identify and manage aquatic weeds. Topics covered include: Identification Prevention with cultural controls Mechanical removal ...

Virtual Event
Arcade at the Library

Cooper Library goes retro for Arcade at the Library! Come out for games, food and a chance to win great prizes, including Apple AirPods, a $75 Amazon gift...

Know Diabetes By Heart

Know Diabetes By Heart (KDBH), sponsored by the American Diabetes Association and American Heart Association, is a free, online education session. The...

Virtual Event
Welcome Back Festival

The Clemson Alumni Association and the Student Alumni Council invites you to join us for the premiere, kick-off event of the academic year at Clemson...

Sardines (reverse hide and seek in groups)

We will meet at the front of Old Main (clock tower) on campus and play sardines. A great way to meet new people and get involved with BCM.

Monday, August 22