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Thursday, May 19

Calhoun Drive Parking Space Closures

Parking spaces in the area of Olin and Hardin Halls will be closed for curb, gutter and sidewalk work.

Dealing with Drainage (On-Demand Course)

Managing Stormwater and Preventing Erosion Got drainage issues? Come get some ideas on how to properly deal with stormwater and drainage problems in...

Virtual Event
Fluor Daniel Elevator Disruption/Closure

Modification projects will occur on the passenger and freight elevators. The freight elevator will operate while the passenger elevator is modified. When...

Parking Lot C-5 Disruptions

Several parking space will be closed and the Lambda Street exit (to lot C-5) will be fenced off while a new duct bank is installed.

Right Of Way Pest Control

(Category 6) Exam Prep and Recertification Course On-Demand Webinar Are you planning on taking the Right of Way (Category 6) Pesticide License...

Virtual Event
SC 4-H State Horse Show

The South Carolina 4-H State Horse Show is open to any current 4-H member in the state. Youth provide their own horse which has been leased, loaned, or owned...

Hendrix Student Center Elevator Disruption/Closure

One elevator will remain operational during the modification project.

Recycling 101 Seminar (1.5 days)

Recycling 101 provides a baseline understanding for those in the packaging industry eager to learn more about recycling and sustainable packaging. This...

Clemson MBA; Coffee chat- Spartanburg

Interested in earning an MBA? Come meet with an admissions rep to learn about our various offerings in a one-on one conversation over coffee! Clemson's...

Introduction To Homesteading

A workshop series focused on an introduction to producing food for your own consumption

Aquatic Weed Identification and Management

Learn how to identify and manage aquatic weeds. Topics covered include: Identification Prevention with cultural controls Mechanical removal ...

Virtual Event

Have you ever wondered how to grow food in your landscape without a traditional garden? Foodscaping is a nontraditional method of incorporating vegetables...

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Introduction to GIS

Our GIS Fundamentals workshop series will kick off with Introduction to GIS! This hands-on workshop will introduce you to what Geographic Information Systems...

Virtual Event
Build a Rain Barrel Workshop

Want to build your own rainbarrel? Clemson Extension is having a Build A Rainbarrel Class. Class Includes: - Educational segment on stormwater and...

Quick Hits: Camtasia '22 and You

This Quick Hit is focused on demonstrating the 2022 updates to Camtasia. Participants will receive live training on some of the features and uses of Camtasia...

Virtual Event
Junior Naturalists II

Alt. Thursdays, beginning February 10 Children aged 12 - 14 are invited to join us in our first Junior Naturalist program for older students. In this class...

Aiken County Forestry Association

The Aiken County Forestry Association is hosting a walking tour of the Aiken Arboretum Trail. The walk will begin at the Aiken County Library in the parking...


Topic: Mineral Supplements for Beef Cattle Registration Required. Contact Tina Blackwell at the Chester County Clemson Extension Office to register...

Thursday, May 19