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Friday, September 25

2020 Fall Mini B - Last day for instructors to issue midterm evaluations

Last day for instructors to issue midterm evaluations

All Tigers Count: Off-campus students need to respond to the Census

The 2020 Census counts everyone in the United States, including ALL college students. College students are counted where they USUALLY lived on April 1, 2020,...

Lowry Hall Steam Outage

Lowry Hall will experience a steam outage starting Tuesday, September 22nd at 8:00AM and ending Thursday, October 1st at 10:00AM. This will affect the...


Attention Educators!!! Mars Mondays throughout the month of October are an opportunity to dig deeper into the delivery and implementation of the National...

Online Public Fall Plant Sale

Our fall collection includes groundcovers, native and exotic ornamental shrubs, small and large trees, colorful perennials, fall annuals, and cool season...

Virtual Event
Talking Horse Tuesday- FREE Registration Open

CALLING YOUTH AGES 14-18: Are there horse topics that you would like to learn about but no one wants to talk about? We have the online panel discussion...

Friday Morning Yoga

Come prepare your mind and body with Sister2Sister on Friday with some morning yoga! Get ready for the day ahead of you by getting your blood circulation...

New Ruins MFA Thesis Exhibit by Jordan Fowler

“New Ruins” MFA Thesis Exhibit by Jordan Fowler is an experiment in the collision of agencies and aesthetics in physical and digital growth and decay. This...

ESED Fall Seminar Series

Dr. Rachel Wagner from Clemson University will be presenting a seminar entitled "Engaging in Research for Social Justice" on Friday, September 25, 2020 at...

Virtual Event
Clemson CMO Summit 2020 | Erwin Center for Brand Communications

As part of our mission to educate future brand leaders, the Erwin Center for Brand Communications is hosting Clemson University’s 2nd Annual CMO Summit...

Final Fridays with Clemson Libraries:

As a result of participating in this event, attendees will be able to: Identify research strategies and best practices for navigating library...

Virtual Event
Forbes CMO Summit

As part of our mission to educate future brand leaders, the Erwin Center for Brand Communications is hosting Clemson University’s 2nd Annual CMO Summit...

Virtual Event
Introduction to Zotero

Are you looking for a way to be more efficient with your citations, either for research or coursework? In this workshop, we’ll cover the basics of Zotero, a...

Challenges in Cleanup of Groundwater on the Hanford Reservation

A seminar from Zelma Jackson-Maine hosted by the Department of Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences on hydrogeologic assessment of the fate of...

Virtual Event
Equitable Faculty Review Training- College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences

TIGERS Advance developed a virtual training with hands-on activities and discussions of case studies that exemplify some of the disruptions to faculty...

Virtual Event
Intermediate Spatial Analysis (in ArcGIS Pro)

In this workshop, you will continue building your spatial analysis and geo-processing skills. We will cover raster processing tools and raster overlay for a...

Coloring the Conservation Conversation with Zelma Jackson-Maine

A discussion hosted by the TIGERS Advance Distinguished Speaker Series and the Department of Forestry and Environmental Conservation on Jackson’s past and...

Virtual Event
Career in Geoscience Spanning Coast-to-Coast

A discussion with Zelma Jackson-Maine and various Clemson student groups regarding career path avenues and guidance

Virtual Event

Beef Cattle Marketing Seminar Series via Zoom Clemson Cooperative Extension Service is sponsoring a series of Beef Cattle Marketing Webinars. Topics and...


The SKY Reunions are back! SKY Graduates you were missed, Now lets come for the Weekly Practice! All the FUN, YOUR Presence - Everything was missed! ...

Kickoff Clemson: Goat Yoga

Join our friends and Clemson alums from Critter Creek Farms for an evening of socially distant yoga, featuring nine baby goats and their moms!

Friday, September 25