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Thursday, October 15

4-H Card Art Contest

Open to all current South Carolina 4-H members. For youth participating in our 2020 South Carolina 4-H Card Art Contest, please submit your entries online at...

Virtual Event
Colloquium:  Ke Fang, Stanford University

Multi-messenger Astrophysics: Probing Compact Objects with Cosmic Particles Abstract: The study of compact objects such as black holes and neutron...

Virtual Event
Data Visualization and Analysis with Tableau

Gain a thorough introduction to data analysis and visual design in Tableau. Learn how to quickly analyze, map, and plot your data and build interactive...

Healthy Lifestyle 4-H Video Contest

We want to see your best homemade cooking videos each month! How to Enter: 1) Pick a recipe that includes the Ingredient of the Month. 2) Film yourself...

Pre-Registration for 2021 Virtual South Carolina Master Gardener Training Class

A new, virtual Master Gardener Training Class will be offered beginning in January of 2021. The class will differ from the current online class in that...

Virtual Event
School Gardening for SC Educators

Grow a school garden from seed to STEM with School Gardening for SC Educators online course & virtual workshop! School Gardening for SC Educators is a...

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Talking Horse Tuesday- FREE Registration Open

CALLING YOUTH AGES 14-18: Are there horse topics that you would like to learn about but no one wants to talk about? We have the online panel discussion...

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4-H Dinner Club

Connect with other 4-Hers to learn about cooking and make a meal for your family! Club members will: Learn about cooking principlesConnect with other club...

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Supervisor Training: Motivating, Developing Employees

This course provides supervisors with communication, coaching and mentoring skills to motivate employees and provide information on how to use positive...

Virtual Event
Headshot sitting at desk Dr. Ding

October 15 (Thursday) 10:00am – 11:30am, Online Seminar: Creating a Faster COVID-19 Test with Dr. Feng Ding, Associate Professor of Physics and Faculty...

Virtual Event
Free COVID-19 Community Testing in Seneca

Free, no appointment needed, COVID-19 testing for community members with or without symptoms. Come out and get tested as part of “surveillance testing”. ...

The 2020-2021 CI & UR Seminar Series

All students and staff are welcome to join the Office of CI & UR Seminar Series. This series is designed to offer opportunities and development topics to...

Virtual Event
Know Your Numbers.

Join our online education and support group for people who have high blood pressure. The Hypertension Management Program is a lifestyle change program that...

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Clemson Online bug

Jump in these short and informative discussions on tips to increase effectiveness and efficiency in your current teaching practices and courses. These 30...

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Preprints in the Sciences & Engineering

Preprints are versions of manuscripts that are shared before undergoing formal peer review and publication in a scholarly or scientific journal. This...

TIGERS Advocates Training Session

The TIGERS Advocates is a community of Clemson men who support the vision of the TIGERS Advance Project, in principle and through action. Our primary goal is...

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Virtual STEM Club Session 2

A fun learning experience for children ages 8-12 hosted by the Clemson University Science Outreach Center and the College of Science. The STEM Club will...

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Speaker Series in Ecology and Natural Resources - Dr. Brian Todd

My research theme is wildlife conservation biology and I focus on reptiles and amphibians. As a professor at UC Davis, I primarily study recovery and...

Virtual Event
Starting a Food Business & Navigating a Commercial Kitchen

Food entrepreneurs will learn the many steps of food safety regulations that are necessary to prepare food products for sale including tips on the creation...

Virtual Event
Invited Chemistry Seminar - Raphael Benhamou

Dr. Raphael Benhamou, Scripps Research Institute, will present a Virtual Seminar via Zoom to the Chemistry Department on October 15, 2020. The title of the...

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Event Flyer

While tractors are today's workhorses, they are the leading source of farm-related injuries and fatalities with overturns, runovers, and PTO entanglements...

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JCA NihonGo! Weekly Conversation Table

Sixth conversation table of the semester. Come by if you want to practice your Japanese conversational or listening comprehension skills. We host this every...


Beef Cattle Marketing Seminar Series via Zoom Clemson Cooperative Extension Service is sponsoring a series of Beef Cattle Marketing Webinars. Topics and...

Virtual Event
TGIT: Thank Goodness It's Thursday

Are you a student of color? Do you feel like you don’t have a place on campus? Do you need a safe space to process your feelings? Do you need a place to...

Love, 1918

Who can best teach us about living in a pandemic with hope, good sense, love and clarity? Perhaps the voices of the pandemic of 1918. Students in the...

Virtual Event
TNT: Thursday Night Trivia

Come out to test your knowledge with our Thursday night series of trivia with a twist! Trivia will be played individually to keep up with COVID guidelines....

Thursday, October 15