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HPA Interview Workshop

Discuss Interview questions, professional dress, and Dos/Donts

1/16 6:30pm
TIGERS Advance: Town Hall Meeting

Join TIGERS Advance and The Provost as we discuss the COACHE survey results. We will provide an open forum with Provost Jones to discuss issues of the campus...

1/24 3pm
TIGERS ADVANCE Distinguished Speaker Series

Dr. Marie Vitulli, Professor Emerita, Department of Mathematics, University of Oregon will be on campus as part of the TIGERS ADVANCE Distinguished Speaker...

1/25 10:10am
Clemson Workshop on Data Science, Analytics, and Decision Making

Workshop Emphasis: Clemson faculty from the College of Science, College of Business and College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences will be...

1/28 8am
TIGERS ADVANCE Distinguished Speaker Series

Lee Alan Dugatkin, Professor and Distinguished University Scholar in Biological Sciences at the University of Louisville will visit as part of the TIGERS...

2/8 3:30pm

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Quinn Hubbarth

Quinn Hubbarth left a positive review 11/29/2018

Great event with great speakers.

Joe Bradford

Joe Bradford left a positive review 11/27/2018

Awesome visit with Apple. I thought I new Apple but I learned a few tricks that will help me in the future. Next time they come I hope more people turn out.

Maggie Guerra Ayala

Maggie Guerra Ayala left a positive review 10/9/2018

Very nice and friendly talk. Most of all, message was clear and appropriate for students building their careers. Congratulations to the organizers, it was a really nice event.

Derek Wilmott

Derek Wilmott posted a photo 10/9/2018

Hispanic & Latinx Voices in Academia Conference 2018 Hispanic & Latinx Voices in Academia Conference 2018

Debra Ragland

Debra Ragland left a positive review 8/20/2018

This was extremely helpful since I will be using iclicker a lot this semester.

Kimberly Williams

Kimberly Williams left a positive review 5/18/2018

Great speaker with a nice central theme. I could have listened to a longer presentation!

Arelis Moore Peralta

Arelis Moore Peralta left a positive review 5/8/2018

The event was masterfully organized. The decoration and room arrangement was perfect. The master of ceremony did a great job as well. It was not long and the flow of the program was very good. Refreshments were delicious as well which was a bonus.

George Petersen

George Petersen left a positive review 5/8/2018

The award ceremony was one of the best events I have ever experienced here at Clemson. It was very well organized, with all of the awardees properly and respectfully recognized. Wonderful!

Janice Comfort

Janice Comfort left a positive review 4/16/2018

Dr. McConnell is an engaging speaker, and she provided a lot of information that will be very helpful as we go forward.

Alyssa Davis

Alyssa Davis left a positive review 4/12/2018

The speaker was a wonderful presenter and had great information! I loved the statistics that she worked in and walking us through her education narrative!