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SC Cyber Fall Lecture Series

Join us for this week's SC Cyber Fall Lecture Series with Brian Bannister of DHEC, who will be speaking about the Health Care InfoSec. Each Friday the Watt...

9/29 9:30am
2017 CI Summer Showcase

Creative Inquiry teams will present digital displays, showcasing a summer’s worth of innovation and research. In addition, Decipher magazine will release...

9/29 10am
Hunter Memorial Lecture

Millennials, Healthcare, and Why it Matters

9/29 4pm
First Friday Coffee and Conversations

First Friday Coffee and Conversations will inspire faculty to enhance the classroom experience through a discussion of digital pedagogy that increases...

10/6 8:15am
SC Cyber Fall Lecture Series

Join us for this week's SC Cyber Fall Lecture Series with Barry Newkirk of iCap, who will be speaking about Security Consulting. Each Friday the Watt Family...

10/6 9:30am

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PAT Layton

PAT Layton left a positive review 9/8/2017

The event was wonderful. Ambassador Blais discussed her path to leadership. She identified the trials and tribulations along the way, especially those caused by gender.

Ranjanbala Amin

Ranjanbala Amin left a positive review 9/1/2017

It was great

Joanna Mccray

Joanna Mccray left a negative review 8/17/2017

I encourage a more timely agenda that provides students and parents ample time to plan and eat.

H. Kyle Anderson

H. Kyle Anderson left a positive review 6/29/2017

I got a lot of great ideas to solve my problems in Canvas yesterday. Great to see friends and hang out as well.

Paul Hoke

Paul Hoke left a positive review 4/26/2017

I guess this is the box I leave my review? It is not obvious on my android and I bet many won't find it or leave a review. Which is sad because Matt was inspiring and the idea of a monthly motivational creative community sound pretty awesome.

William Brown

William Brown left a positive review 2/21/2017

I enjoyed it and felt it was worthwhile hearing the presenters' experiences with foundation grants. Also, a good time to connect with others and find potential collaborations.

Leland Miller

Leland Miller left a positive review 1/26/2017

Learned alot on the price that was paid by those who stood for the truth. Reminded me of the culture of the times and how far we had come in the south and how far we still need to go.

Juliet Penna

Juliet Penna left a positive review 10/13/2016

This was great! The speaker was compelling, thoughtful, and well prepared. I was so happy to see a presentation on inclusiveness for people with disabilities.

Monica Coode

Monica Coode left a positive review 10/13/2016

I must admit I was made aware of this event by teachers offering extra credit but I really enjoyed the event. IT was discussed how a step is to bring awareness to disabilities, to "open our eyes" to them, and this review was the perfect start for me beginning to recognize more accessibility places or items. There was some historical background that was provided and helped set the stage for how the world is just recently becoming ready to fully accept all disabilities.

Teri Alexander

Teri Alexander left a positive review 10/13/2016

Dr. Thomson was a terrific speaker. Information was well presented and timely. It prompted a lot of thoughts and questions for me both on the job at Clemson but also personally, having a family member with daily challenges.