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4-H Junior Naturalist Club

4-H Junior Naturalist Club 9/1 3:30pm

In this year’s Junior Naturalist Club for elementary students (6-12), participants explore the diverse ecosystems of South Carolina with educators Sue Watts...

Garden Sprouts

Garden Sprouts 9/2 10:00am

Preschool children (3-5) and their caregivers discover the wonders of the Botanical Garden with Sue Watts. Garden Sprouts uses imaginative and fun ways to...

SCBG Junior Gardener Club

SCBG Junior Gardener Club 9/3 3:30pm

In this afterschool garden club, kids learn the basics of gardening through fun and exciting hands-on activities with educator Sue Watts. Discover the...

Nature Center Open House: Sun, Light & Shadows

Nature Center Open House: Sun, Light & Shadows 9/5 10:00am

In this free drop in learn about the magic and science of sun, light and shadows with educator Sue Watts. Do hands-on experiments to explore the properties...

Basic Botany - Course full, waiting list available

Basic Botany - Course full, waiting list available 9/9 9:00am

Contact Sue Watts at 864-656-3679 or watts9@clemson.edu to be added to the waiting list or find additional courses at...

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Kelly Jones

Kelly Jones left a positive review 5/15/2015

My daughter enjoyed it a lot. She got to use a microscope which was really exciting for her because we just read about them.

Kathie Kelley

Kathie Kelley left a positive review 3/24/2015

both my husband and I learned from this class and Lisa Wagner. it was interesting and informative. interaction with the other "students" was helpful to us , we all seem to 'enjoy' the same/similar gardening problems here in the Piedmont.

Wendy Nix

Wendy Nix left a positive review 1/30/2015

Loved it! Great family event

Joanne Markley

Joanne Markley left a positive review 1/29/2015

fantastic. I have had a garden for over 40 yrs. and still learned a lot about putting in a garden in the upstate. Thanks.

Julie Lamp

Julie Lamp left a positive review 1/29/2015

Very informative - answered all our questions

Pam Schmutz

Pam Schmutz left a positive review 9/12/2014

Allyson and Kendra do a super job keeping the young kids interested and involved. Extra bonus to have Jesse demonstrating bee keeping. Fun activities!

Patricia Neville

Patricia Neville left a positive review 9/11/2014

It was great fun, even if it was a little noisy.

Sue Watts

Sue Watts left a positive review 4/20/2013

A relaxing and fun morning in the Garden with a knowledgable guide

Hanson Nature Learning Center

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