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Winter Lecture Series: Gardening for a New Century

In this winter lecture series a variety of well-respected speakers examine innovative approaches to gardening for the twenty-first century. Join us for a cozy morning to think about gardening, a perfect antidote to wintery weather.

Gardening for Climate Change, Patrick McMillan

Times, they are a changing! Climate changes, that’s a fact, and we can argue over why but it is changing. Anyone who has gardened has seen a change in the past 30 years. Our collection focus has changed completely in the past two decades due to the challenges of a changing climate. The new reality of our climate is one of extremes and volatility. The plants we have grown and that are promoted by commercial horticulturists and horticulture departments are often the worst possible choice for ecosystem health and resilience. The SCBG has been introducing hundreds of new varieties and species from volatile climates from around the world in the hope of developing new horticultural material in the trade for South Carolina gardeners.


Patrick McMillan, is the host, co-creator and writer of the popular, Emmy-award winning ETV nature program Expeditions with Patrick McMillan. For over 25 years, Patrick has worked as a professional naturalist, biologist and educator. His range of experience has concentrated on botany, though he is also well-respected through his work in ichthyology, herpetology and mammalogy. Patrick is a professional naturalist, the Glenn and Heather Hilliard Professor of Environmental Sustainability at Clemson University, where his is also a faculty member in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Conservation, and the director of the South Carolina Botanical Garden, the Bob Campbell Geology Museum and the Clemson Experimental Forest.


The Bio-integrated landscape, Shawn Jadrnicek

Learn how to integrate components of your landscape into a functioning system that benefits life.  First, participants will learn to harness natural resources like sunlight, wind, rainfall, organic matter and the power of animals to work for us.  Then students will learn how to combine paths, buildings, greenhouses, fencing, earthworks, plants and animals into a harmonious whole.


Shawn Jadrnicek has nourished his interest in sustainability through work as an organic farmer, nursery grower, extension agent, arborist, and landscaper, and now as the manager of Clemson University’s Student Organic Farm. From his earliest permaculture experiments with no-till farming in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California to his highly functional bio-integrated designs in the Southeast, Shawn has learned how to cultivate food in a variety of climates and landscapes. He shares his creative solutions through teaching, consulting, design work and his book The Bio-Integrated Farm:  A Revolutionary Permaculture Based System Using Greenhouses, Ponds, Compost Piles, Aquaponics, Chickens and More.

Saturday, February 11, 2017 at 8:30am to 12:30pm

Hayden Conference Center

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SC Botanical Garden

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$35 per session/ $90 per series (10% member discount)

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Marlene Douglass

Marlene Douglass left a positive review 2/11/2017

On a scale of 1 to 10 the lecture rated 15, at least. Both speakers covered their topics well, responding to questions easily.
The break and goodies were a bonus.


Robert E. Meaders

Robert E. Meaders left a positive review 2/11/2017

excellent speakers and excellent, thought provoking content. the audience of 25 was on the edge of their seats! learned some new plants and some new ideas. SCBG rocks!

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