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Riparian Invasive Species Management Workshop

This workshop will focus on vegetative management strategies being employed in the Hunnicutt Creek watershed on campus and procedures that can also be implemented in almost any Southeastern riparian habitat. The workshop supports the Clemson Riparian Corridor Master Plan, which concludes that understory vegetation near stream margins is dominated by invasive exotic species introduced for ornamental horticulture, wildlife habitat, and erosion control. Invasive species often out-compete native plants, making invasive species plant management and removal important to maintaining a propoer ecosystem balance.

This half-day course will begin with in-class presentations on the status of the Hunnicutt Creek Restoration project, key species identification, ecological considerations, and varying control techniques. Field visits will allow participants the opportunity to familiarize themselves with different invasive species found on campus and to view demonstration plots displaying various management strategies to gain an understanding of the results of different control techniques and the level of oversight, management and training necessary to implement an invasive species management strategy.

Thursday, August 8, 2013 at 9:00am to 1:00pm

Clemson University – South Carolina Botanical Gardens, Hayden Conference Center Lecture Room

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Larissa Clarke

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