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PDBE Colloquium

Dr. Greg Dobson, Director of Geospatial Technology, National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center, University of North Carolina at Asheville

 “3D GIS Visualization for Flood Risk and Climate Change Applications”


As our climate continues to change, flood risks and associated impacts are on the increase. Communities worldwide are threatened by climatic events such as rising water due to sea-level rise, high tides, storm surge, and heavy precipitation events. Community and sustainability planners, stormwater engineers, emergency managers, business owners, and other decision makers need meaningful and actionable information in order to increase their resiliency and lessen their exposure. While much data and information exists, it is often not presented in formats that decision makers can easily interpret.

3D GIS visualization can allow anyone to virtually view potential flood impacts on infrastructure. Sea-level rise and climate change scenarios, storm surge models, and other flood risk datasets can be overlaid with detailed 3D building models, elevated bridges and roads, and other community assets to assess varying levels of damage and destruction. Interactive 3D web scenes allow anyone with a web browser to interact with 3D GIS visualizations. Displaying virtual environments in 3D provides an added sense of realism that traditional data formats are not able to achieve. Knowing this type of information can lead to better decision making and planning by community leaders when planning for future climates.

Friday, February 17, 2017 at 12:20pm to 1:30pm

Lee Hall, Lee 2-318

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