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This project is a major new addition to the campus. It is a mixed-use facility that includes student housing and dining facilities. There are approximately 700 beds in the residential portion of the project, keeping with the housing master plan, which comprises approximately 179,000 square feet of the facility. The dining portion of the project, approximately 76,000 square feet, includes dining facilities (Fresh Food Company, Which Wich, Twisted Taco, Starbucks, Raising Cane's) convenience store, and appropriate administrative support spaces. Academically oriented space in the facility is approximately 5,000 square feet and includes shared-use seminar and meeting space for faculty and students. The total combined project is approximately 260,000 square feet in size.

511 Ft. Hill St., Clemson, SC 29634



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Paula Agudelo

Paula Agudelo left a positive review 4/15/2017

Excellent event. The speakers were very well chosen. I was impressed with the food trucks and the talks. Very well done!