Sunday, October 13

Beaufort County Senior Leadership 2013: A Voyage of Discovery

Beaufort County Senior Leadership 2013: A...

Beaufort County Senior Leadership Program invites you to take part in a unique learning program. You will meet and learn from community experts as you...

Beaufort County Extension Office  
Leadership and Social Change Fall Break Trip

Leadership and Social Change Fall Break Trip

On this exciting and unique trip, students will visit historic landmarks and museums that commemorate the Civil Rights Movement in the cities of Birmingham,...

Alabama and Georgia  
Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow 3:00pm

This class consists of a series of movements synchronized with deep breathing. Students will focus on building strength, flexibility, balance, and focus, and...

Fike Recreation Center  

Zumba 5:00pm

Dance your way through this non-stop, get-down-and-dance, calorie burning, high energy workout!

Fike Recreation Center  

Cycling 6:00pm

Pedal those calories off in this effective cardio workout through hill climbing drills, race pace exercises, fat burning movements, and pace pedaling while...

Fike Recreation Center  

Sunday, October 13

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