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Johannes Schmidt

Johannes Schmidt left a positive review 4/9/2017

It was great, but the international students need more support in order to attract even more student organizations (where was Turkey, Italy, France, regulars at previous festivals?).

Mehrdad Yousefi

Mehrdad Yousefi left a positive review 10/14/2016

It was very good.

Muhamma Mohebujjama

Muhamma Mohebujjama left a negative review 4/26/2015

Disappointed as there were no festival at that day.

Johannes Schmidt

Johannes Schmidt left a negative review 4/26/2015

It was canceled without any notice! Really poor communication.

Honey Rose Hathaway

Honey Rose Hathaway left a review 4/26/2015

The feild is empty! :( bummer

Polly Payne

Polly Payne left a review 8/19/2014

It is really helpful to talk to organizations, and they grouped like organizations together (here was Greek, there was religious, here was community service, there was sports/outdoors, etc.). However, it was too close together. Under the giant tents for each section were lots of tables lined up with walkways between them. It was so close together with so many people that it was hard to see what was on each table. It was easy to miss an organization you might be interested in if you noticed them, but with dozens of bodies crammed into little rows, it was difficult to see the signs. There was still plenty of green left on Bowman Field to spread out more so people can actually see what organizations are available.

Kristine Coleman

Kristine Coleman left a positive review 8/30/2013

I absolutely loved the healthy food! Thank you so much!

Sabrina Lau

Sabrina Lau left a positive review 8/30/2013

It was nice to be greeted by Mrs. Barker.

Robin Metler

Robin Metler left a positive review 4/7/2013

Had a great experience!

Bowman Field

Bowman Field posted a photo 3/30/2012