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Plant and Environmental Sciences Department

Todd Gaines-Colorado State University: "Molecular Mechanisms of Herbicide Resistance"

10/19 11am
Plant and Environmental Sciences/Entomology 8090 Joint Seminar

Tracy Leskey, USDA, WV

10/22 11:15am
Biosystems Research Complex Steam Outage

The Ag Biotech/Biosystems Research Complex/BRC will experience a steam outage on Tuesday, October 23rd starting at 7:00AM and ending at 4:00PM. The outage...

10/23 7am
Entomology 8090 Seminar

Alison Ravenscraft-University of Arizona: "Where do Insect Gut Flora Come From? Patterns and Implications of Environmental Symbiont Acquisition in Bugs and...

10/29 11:15am
Plant and Environmental Sciences Seminar

Dara Park-Clemson University PES

11/2 11am

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Jeryl Jones

Jeryl Jones left a positive review 4/15/2016

Excellent presentation by one of the founding fathers of canine genetics. This is an important emerging field of research.

Zhenkun Tian

Zhenkun Tian left a positive review 2/18/2013

Itis a helpfui to me

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