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The mission of the ASC is to enhance student learning, academic success and personal growth through inclusive engagement with the Clemson University community.

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Upcoming Events

The Water Energy Nexus: Sustainable Solutions through Science & Engineering

The Water Energy Nexus: Sustainable Solutions... 11/24 3:00pm

Dr. Gary Amy This two part seminar will include the following two topics: 1) The Water Energy Consortium – Come learn about the efforts of the new Water...

Last Minute Tips for Finals

Last Minute Tips for Finals 12/1 12:20pm

Come to this workshop to get last minute tips to prepare for finals. You will create a study checklist for each final and focus on learning strategies to...

It's Not Over 'til It's Over

It's Not Over 'til It's Over 12/2 3:00pm

In this workshop you will: Develop new perspectives that can change your learning experiences; Learn to apply proven study strategies; Understand and lessen...

Stress Management - Stress Release

Stress Management - Stress Release 12/4 11:00am

Everyone experiences stress. Yet, most of us never really learn how to effectively cope with a stressful situation. The end result is that stress can...

Faculty of the Future: Powerful and Effective Leadership

Faculty of the Future: Powerful and Effective... 12/5 2:00pm

Leadership is vital in the academic setting. Being a faculty member requires a sense of leadership whether it is inside the classroom, in your own research,...

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Sleep 11/19/2014

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Connie Robinson

Connie Robinson left a positive review 3/18/2014

The forum participants were honest and had some very valid concerns. I appreciated the candor as well as the input from others who supported those that brought up issues of concern. It seemed very well orchestrated, organized, and sensitive to the topics that were discussed. Thank you.

Mary Barr

Mary Barr left a positive review 3/10/2014

Another excellent event! And I love that students organized it!

Caroline Mercer

Caroline Mercer left a positive review 2/24/2014

Insightful. Great Speaker. Would go again.

David Scott

David Scott posted a photo 1/29/2014

David Scott

David Scott posted a photo 1/29/2014

David Scott

David Scott posted a photo 1/29/2014

Stephanie McCartney

Stephanie McCartney left a positive review 8/15/2013

The session was VERY informative and engaging. We were able to physically use the clickers (student and instructor versions) in order to get a sense of their use.

Mindy Windle

Mindy Windle left a positive review 3/27/2013

Great workshop! Really enjoyed the speakers and the deep breathing exercise at the end.

Carly Summers

Carly Summers left a positive review 2/27/2013

This was a great talk, really opened up a dialogue about "what is happiness" and "what does it mean to pursue happiness." I also like to think about existential fulfillment.

Charlene Johnson

Charlene Johnson left a positive review 1/23/2013

It was great and it had plenty of helpful tips so I will be sure to get my homework and assignments done one time without pulling all nighters.

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